More than a Voice

Voice and action are two words that in many instances do not go hand-in-hand.  Often, voice is looked at as an opinion or opportunity, but not much more.  At the AIA, to be a Voice, we must raise the standard.  The AIA has for years worked to be an organization that represents the viewpoints of many.  And to be honest, that is hard.  But through that effort we have discovered something.  We know that by working together, collaboratively, we can work through most issues, solve problems and build a better future.  But working together to discover common ground is only one part of the solution.  We need to Act.

Through action, we don’t just tell stories, but rather, we make decisions, we implement processes and ultimately, enact change.  Integral to this, is our ability to communicate. The success or failure of a project, program or event relies on our ability to both execute and to explain our intent.  If our CACE Executives don’t know what we are doing, and if our Presidents don’t know what we are doing, how can we ever expect to be successful?  That is why every time we talk about being a voice, we have to understand that it is only one part of the process that leads to success, and without action, it is of limited worth. 

The AIA is more of a network than an organization. To be effective, successful and to serve the needs of our members, we must always understand that “our actions” must be as strong as “our words”.

Bruce Sekanick