Passion. Commitment. Experience.

There are three words that I have emphasized over and over as I considered taking on the role of President and as I initiated my campaign for the position of AIA National President. Those words are: passion, commitment and experience.  So, why do they matter? 

In a previous blog post, I wrote a lot about experience.  Leadership might be something that comes naturally, or it might be a role that you have grown into.  But experience is earned over time, through careful participation and observation.  It is about applying lessons learned to solve problems.  Without experience, you are missing a key strategy for success. 

Passion is about what we value.  Believing strongly in something inspires passion within us.  Without passion, everything is on the same level, with the same degree of urgency or importance.  With passion, we encourage others, sway opinions and change minds.  Many of the most life-changing events would have never occurred if it weren’t for the passion of those who sought change.  I believe passion has a place within the AIA and our profession.  With it, the organization is transformed. 

Commitment takes what we are passionate about and drives us to see it through to completion. All of us have experienced times when passion has driven an issue, only to see that the commitment to take action is simply not there. Every office, organization and profession needs members who are driven, who understand what needs to be done and who have the resolve to see it through. I believe I am the candidate that balances each of these traits, which are critical components necessary to move the organization forward and create a clearer vision of the future. When contemplating your vote for the 2020 AIA First Vice President/ 2021 AIA President-elect, I ask that you take my proven abilities into consideration. I am Bruce Sekanick, FAIA, and I would like your vote for AIA National President.

Bruce Sekanick